Top: Philharmonia Quartett Berlin; Bottom: Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
Courtesy of the ensembles

Berlin in Boston with the Celebrity Series

Sunday at 7pm on WCRB In Concert with the Celebrity Series of Boston, hear the best of Berlin, featuring the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin and the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet.

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This Week's CD of the Week

Angela Hewitt
Peter Hundert

On WCRB's CD of the Week, pianist Angela Hewitt, well-known for Bach, turns to one of that composer's most prolific contemporaries, Italian master Domenico Scarlatti.


On the latest episode of The Answered Question, Boston Symphony Orchestra Associate Conductor Ken-David Masur describes the characteristics of two sets of incidental music for the theater: Beethoven's Egmont and Grieg's Peer Gynt. Also, two members of the Berlin Philharmonic talk about the chamber groups in which they play, including horn player Fergus McWilliam of the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet and Christian Stadelmann of Philharmonia Quartett Berlin.


This week: the Melodica Men tackle Gershwin, Britney Spears paints to Mozart, and members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra experiment with the world's hottest chili pepper.

Anderson Memorial Bridge
Chris Voss

I've always been fascinated by rowing: the speed, the workout, the camaraderie, and the driving rhythm that makes it all work together so smoothly.

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