Handel and Haydn Society and Harry Christophers
Chris Lee / Handel and Haydn Society

A Bach Celebration, In Concert with H+H

Sunday at 7pm on WCRB In Concert, conductor Harry Christophers and the Handel and Haydn Society celebrate Bach at Symphony Hall with the composer's stunning "Magnificat," a riveting Concerto for Three Violins, and other sacred works.

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Innovative online classical music entertainment experience will celebrate the Leonard Bernstein Centennial throughout its first year

Young cellists from Nancy Hair's ensemble play at the 2017 Classical Cartoon Festival.

Join us at Boston's Symphony Hall on Saturday, March 24 for the 19th annual Classical Cartoon Festival!  Watch classic Warner Bros. cartoons that feature classical music on a giant screen, and enjoy live performances by local youth ensembles.


A viola disaster, music for dogs, and more in this week's link roundup. Let's go!

March 8 is International Women's Day. Classical music is a field with a pretty thick glass ceiling, so we spent the day highlighting the women who have chipped away at it. Here are just a few of the incredible women - past and present - who make great music, and who make music great.

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By her own admission, composer Florence Price had two strikes against her.

"To begin with I have two handicaps – those of sex and race. I am a woman; and I have some Negro blood in my veins," is how she began a 1943 letter to Serge Koussevitzky, the revered conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She added later, "I would like to be judged on merit alone."

This week New Orleans hosts a peppery performance that was almost lost to the past.

Conductor Paul Mauffray discovered a program for the 1894 show Tabasco: A Burlesque Opera while rifling through historic music in his hometown, which celebrates its 300th anniversary this year.

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This Week's CD of the Week

Hilary Hahn
Peter Miller

On WCRB's CD of the Week, celebrated American violinist Hilary Hahn reflects on her career so far by sharing some of her favorite pieces, alongside artwork from fans.

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