Blue Heron's Deep Dive into Ockeghem

February 25, 2018
7:00 PM

On this week's In Concert, dip into Blue Heron's 7-year-long Ockeghem@600 project, in which the Boston-based vocal ensemble sings every note the 15th-century master Johannes Ockeghem ever wrote. 

On the program:

REGIS Celsitonantis ave genitrix / Abrahe fit promissio
BARBINGANT Au travail suis
OCKEGHEM Missa Au travail suis, Kyrie & Gloria
ANONYMOUS En atendant vostre venue
OCKEGHEM Credo sine nomine
CARON Cent mil escuz
OCKEGHEM Missa Au travail suis, Credo, Sanctus, & Agnus Dei
OCKEGHEM Ma maistresse
OCKEGHEM Missa Ma maistresse, Kyrie & Gloria

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