Jean-Baptiste Lully, King of French Opera

Jan 9, 2017

January 15

French opera owes everything to a single Italian ex-pat firmly settled at the court of King Louis XIV: Jean-Baptiste Lully. Tonight, we honor this legendary composer with a vibrant performance of "Roland," featuring French bass-baritone Nicolas Testé.

Jean-Baptiste Lully: Roland
Nicolas Testé: Roland
Anna-Maria Panzarella: Angélique
Olivier Dumait: Médor
Monique Zanetti: Témire / Bélise
Robert Getchell: Astolfe
Ziliante: Evgueniy Alexiev

Les Talens Lyriques
Christopher Rousset, conductor

Jean-Baptiste Lully (born Giovanni Battista Lulli, 1632 in Florence) was without doubt the single most influential French opera composer ever to live. Everything that makes French opera distinct - the grace, the dancing, the big choruses and even larger orchestras - all developed when Lully reigned as the unrivaled king of French opera at the court of King Louis XIV. 

Synopsis of Roland