"Voices" with Chris Voss

"Voices" is an exploration of all kinds of vocal music, from opera favorites and rarities to major choral works and song cycles. Join Chris Voss, Sunday nights at 9.

"The Battle of Waterloo" by Clément-Auguste Andrieux, 1851
Clément-Auguste Andrieux / Wikimedia Commons

March 18, 2018
9:00 PM

A beautiful mass for the dead this week on Voices, written in the wake of the French Revolution by the ever-politically nimble Luigi Cherubini.

March 25, 2018
9:00 PM

Both Haydn and Bach celebrate birthdays on the 31st, so on Voices, we're celebrating with Bach cantatas and Haydn's opera "Armida!"

Introducing "Voices!"

Sep 5, 2017
Detail of the "Singing Angels" panel from Hubert and Jan van Eycks Ghent Alterpiece
Wikimedia Commons

Sunday nights at 9, join Chris Voss for a tour through the wide and varied world of vocal music.