Visitors from Afar

Apr 13, 2016

The Celebrity Series of Boston has announced a 2016-2017 season that includes the Berlin Philharmonic (x 3), pianist Igor Levit, Roomful of Teeth, and much, much more. It all reminds me of a story....

A lifetime ago, I auditioned at a few graduate schools to study music, among them the New England Conservatory. I had already gotten an acceptance from NEC when, just to keep all options on the table, I auditioned for another school in a Midwestern city. Let’s call it NotChicago.

From a new "First Folio", to the only extant script in his handwriting, William Shakespeare is still front page news 400 years after his death.

National Poetry Month is a "spring" board for classical music.

LA Phil/Vern Evans

Andris Nelsons generates new excitement every time he he steps up to the podium in Boston. But who's going to stir things up now that he's leaving Birmingham? Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla, that's who!

Holst unknowingly wrote heavy metal's first - and most significant - riff.