Sunday Night at the Opera

Composer Claudio Monteverdi as depicted in the portrait by Bernardo Strozzi)
Wikimedia Commons

Monteverdi lived at the crossroads of the Renaissance and the Baroque, and his operas changed the course of music history. This week on Sunday Night at the Opera, tune in at 8:30 for Monteverdi's final masterpiece, "The Coronation of Poppea."

Portrait of composer Piotr Illych Tchaikovsky by Nikolai Kuznetsov
Wikimedia Commons

This week on Sunday Night at the Opera, it's Tchaikovsky's final stage work (written in conjunction with his ballet "The Nutcracker"): "Iolanta."

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
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Beethoven only wrote one opera: "Fidelio..." or so the story goes. The full story behind Beethoven's opera is more complex. This week on Sunday Night at the Opera, join Chris Voss for that story, and the opera that became "Fidelio" - the original Beethoven opera masterpiece, "Leonore". 

Painting "Three Oranges in Shadow" by Paul Hutchinson
Paul Hutchinson

Continuing this month's series of "deep dive" operas with a story part fairy tale, part farce, and all satire: Prokofiev's "The Love for Three Oranges!"

Unknown 18th-Century Painting of Princess Padmavati
Wikimedia Commons

For the month of April, Sunday Night at the Opera dives into some gems from the back of the music library.  This week, join Chris Voss for an old Hindi tale retold: Marilyn Horne and Nicolai Gedda star in Roussel's 1923 Padmâvatî!